Check out our calendar for the date and location of our next Chapter Meeting. Come see what the Jaycees are all about!

Open to ages 18-41 • Membership dues are $57.50. Renewal is $52.50.

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(NOTE: Members are NOT required to participate in a specific number of projects or contribute a required number of hours, attend every meeting or hold a board position. Participation is encouraged, because you get as much out of Jaycees as you are willing to put in, but not required.)

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Member Benefits

The JCI La Crosse Jaycees have attracted hundreds of members since its origin in our community nearly 100 years ago. Now, the organization is as strong as ever. For only $57.50 a year (less than $5 a month) you too can become a member of one of the largest civic organizations in the world. So, what do the Jaycees give back from your membership dues…

  • Free food and beverages at different events
  • Free event t-shirts
  • Looks great on your resume
  • Opportunity to network with others
  • Create friends not only in the La Crosse area but also at the state, national, and international levels
  • Travel statewide, nationwide, and worldwide
  • Learning and utilizing skills such as leadership, management, and communication
  • Learn how to manage projects, make a budget, lead a committee, make an agenda, create Project Management Guide (PMG)
  • Service to the community
  • Personal growth and development

These opportunities and more can be yours. If you’re interested in seeing what we do, please come to one of our chapter meetings (the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm), view our Facebook page, or email our membership team.